Around 3 in the morning, when the loud cries from a newborn had emerged from a room located in the Detroit medical center, Sinai- Grace Hospital. Krystal Boyce had given birth to her second son, D’Lante Dozshon Boyce, who’d later become the hip-hop musician known as Yo Mans TAY™. D’Lante, although he didn’t have the worst upbringing, did experience minor hardships growing up in the “Most Dangerous City”. From constantly moving to different neighborhoods, having a single mother on welfare and the typical black-American biological father not being in your life type of ordeal. Things had changed for him at the tender age of 6 when his mother met Rick Taylor, a man D’Lante has always seen as his father.
Speaking of the tender age of 6, that’s when D’Lante wrote his first song titled, “I Love You”. Now this wasn’t quite the same hip-hop he would later create in his life but after he wrote it, he stood up on the dresser and performed it for his mother and older brother! Sung his little heart out, it sucked, they clapped and cheered. Since a boy he would always take songs, movies, TV Shows and create his own version of them in his head and act it out. His parents saw a little boy fighting the air, he saw an entire movie being played out. 
D’Lante gives all of the credit for learning how to count bars to Nelly. He Googled the lyrics to Hot In Here and noticed how the bars were typed out and began typing up his own songs, under the alias D-Money$$$. He took his future rap career seriously as a child before you knew it he had a notebook full of track listings for like 6 albums and a bunch of songs.
A few years after that D’Lante & his neighborhood friend Dennard Calmease discovered Fruity Loops and started making some instrumentals. Himself, Dennard Calmease, Rashard Powell, his friend from school Jalen Beavers, and Darrell West (Rell Woodiir) formed rap group, D-Towns’ Finest. The group shoveled snow and gathered enough funds to purchase a Rockband microphone, microphone stand and headphones from Fairlane Mall and downloaded a 30 day trial of ACID Pro™ and began recording their album, The Arrival, in D’Lante’s closet. 
At this point, D’Lante was 13-14 years old and his older cousin Dionceil Armstrong saw his passion in recording music and built a studio in his basement for him to start recording music on a more professional level. From the years of 14 to 18, D’Lante continued recording musicunder the alias Yung Tay with the new rap group CashHounds, mixing and engineering the recordings using Protools™ and a professional mic learning as he went along, just as he did with ACID Pro™. As a group CashHounds released two mixtapes, “The Preview” in 2011 and “Our Year All Year: A New Breed” in 2013. Our Year All Year had a strong buzz in the suburbs of Michigan, one of D’Lante’s proudest moments was their mixtape release party at Tarboosh Hookah Lounge in Troy, MI. The group had brought out at least 75 teens.
D’Lante’s journey has just begun. He has been on a hiatus from recording music but has never stopped writing. Now he’s back and is way more committed to never stopping. He has major goals and says now is the time to start moving. As a kid, he believed pure talent would get him everything he wanted, nope. It takes talent, passion along with the work ethic, he now knows that and is much more dedicated. Yo Mans TAY™ is here to stay!

Yo Mans TAY with his friends Jayydawg and Rell Woodiir at "Is ItThem? (Oh My God)" music video shoot.

Said the road to riches cold? But my car warmed up, I’m on point like a stiff gift card corner. Life’s a gamble, I’m ready, you see the cards drawn up, boy I’m killin this beat somebody call coroners”
— Yo Mans TAY "100 Million" feat. Reeko Q